Review: Mental Health in Africa: Solutions to Challenges

This week on Village Square Africa on News Central, mental health experts from Kenya, Ethiopia and Nigeria helped to unpack mental health in Africa.

In highly engaging and educating discussions, experts called for better awareness and care for mentally-challenged people on the continent.

The experts discussed the religious and superstitious beliefs that have affected the reaction of people to mental health and said it’s not a disease and people who go through challenges should not be stigmatised.

With 80% of Africans who need mental health attention still lacking care, or access to services, the experts made calls to the government to help the mental health departments in various countries toward better performance.

Teenage suicide and depression has been on the increase in Africa, and many cases go unreporated. Experts say this be reduced minimally if all hands are on deck.

See videos on Mental Health, depression and suicide below;


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