Review: How Wedding Guests Could Have Saved Andoni Chief Who Slumped – First Aid/Emergency Care

Cardiac arrest is the sudden stoppage of the heartbeat, and it affects the circulation of blood and oxygen around the body. Every second count to help save the life of a cardiac arrest victim!

A man identified as Dein, who is believed to be a community chief from Ataba in Andoni local government area of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, slumped and died while dancing at a traditional wedding. Beyond the reaction of many Nigerians to the disturbing incident, Lead Trainer, First Aid by Levande, Dr. Tosin Osikoya, joined Olisa and Oluchi on NC Breakfast Central to discuss FIRST AID AND EMERGENCY CARE.

According to her, when someone collapses, we need to go there, assess quickly and give him the required help. In the situation of the Adoni Chief, the first thing they should have figured out is to check if he is still breathing. After the assessment, you activate the “Doctors ABCD”:

D – Danger

R – Response

S – Send for help

A – Airway

B – Breathing


D – Divination

“All these steps flow into each other to ensure the person gets the best help possible. In the case that medical help does not arrive in good time, you should start CPR, i.e chest compression and breathing for the individual, which can be done even by an unskilled person.”

Push people back and give 30 chest compressions. Because it is easier said than done, people are encouraged to learn first aid and CPR before an emergency situation.

In conclusion, Dr. Tosin Osikoya told us that anybody can suffer cardiac arrest, heart disease being the most common reason why anyone suffers it.

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  1. It’s astounding to me how few people know the basics for something as important as CPR. We’ve had patients come into our urgent care during a cardiac episode, which is always a nightmare, instead of calling an ambulance and starting compressions.

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