C.A.R, Chad Move to Jointly Investigate Border Attack

The government of Chad and the Central African Republic have agreed to jointly investigate the recent attack that left six Chadian soldiers dead at a border post.

While Chad blames the strike on the C.A.R army, describing it as a punishable war crime, the Central African Republic on the other hand blames the incident on the rebels being tracked by its own forces.

The C.A.R has refused to accept Chad’s blames and extended its sincere sympathies to the government and people of Chad.

C.A.R often times accuses its neighbor to the North of providing support to armed rebel groups from within Chad.

The two sides have admitted they need to have a good grasp of the factors behind the attack and finally decided to form an independent international commission of investigation.

Chad and the C.A.R will also work together to enhance border security.


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