10 Lagos Street slangs you should be familiar with


There is a recent song by mayorkun that has a phrase that says, “Akube balenciaga geng”. Akube simply means any clothing item that has been used and resold. Some others call Akube, second hand. Which means it was not purchased newly.

E.g. The dress that aunty is putting on is Akube


This is an acronym for “On Your Own”. Which is self explanatory. Whenever OYO is used, it means you are responsible for yourself.

E.g.  If you go to that party, OYO is your case


If you find yourself living in places like Surulere, Yaba, Bariga, then you should have been familiar with this term, or if you follow Bella Naija on Instagram, then you would know what Owambe is. It’s a term used for partying

E.g. My sister is getting married, will you be coming for her Owambe?

Jazz up: 

This slang is from an old Nollywood movie, and it simply means be street smart. It’s not enough for you to have all the degrees and wealth, if you are not street smart in Lagos, you  would be taken for granted

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E.g. Lizzy why are you acting slow, in Lagos you gas Jazz up oh 


Dirty December is never complete without the IJGBs. It is also an acronym for I Just Got Back, meaning those people who just arrived from abroad. The slang came to being because Lagosians noticed that when most Nigerians travel overseas and return, they always tend to show off by letting is know they just got back to the country.

E.g. I’m sorry I didn’t reach out, you know I just got back

Shine your eyes:

Hmmm, this has to be one of the phrases you would hear when you arrive Lagos newly, and this slang  is urging you to be vigilant. In cases when

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Dey your dey: if you do not hear this, then expect to hear maintain your lane. This simply means mind your business or stay on your own, hence telling you that you do not need to interfere. Once you hear this, my friend just carry your legs and move on from that conversation.

E.g.  Fola, please dey your dey, it’s not your business.


The term Marlian is a new movement, and the president of this movement is Naira Marley.

So if you vibe with Naira Marley a whole lot or his music, then you are a marlian. Synonyms of Marlian is No belt gang. In other words, Marlians no dey wear belt. They are also known as the no manners tribe.

 E.g.  Marlians come forward, the rest of you move back

On God:

This term is just to show your sincerity, instead of saying I promise or I swear, you can just say “On God”

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E.g. i must call my mother today, on God


This slang is as a result of over familiarity that has brought contempt. One someone is too familiar, and now disrespects you as a result, we can say the person has seen you finish.

E.g. it is see finish that is making you walk out on me

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