Hotel Saratoga Death Toll Rises to 25, Rescuers Comb for Survivors

Hotel Saratoga Death Toll Rises to 25, Rescuers Comb for Survivors (News Central TV)

 A Cuban five-star resort known as Hotel Saratoga on Friday May 6, experienced a terrible explosion that rocked the very foundations of the building.

Hotel Saratoga, a historic hotel in capital Havana, exploded while workers were preparing ahead of its planned reopening on Tuesday, killing nearly 25 persons, with at least 74 badly injured.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, expressed regret over the sad incident, while praising Cubans who responded swiftly to save the lives of persons who were affected by the tragedy.

“It is very regrettable what happened, the destruction, especially the loss of life, and also the people injured, but once again I want to highlight the speed with which the population and institutions mobilised,” he wrote via his twitter handle.

The cause of the fatal blast wasn’t known, however, it was revealed that preliminary investigations pointed to a possible gas leak.

Rescue teams have continued to search for survivors who may have been trapped in the wreckage.

Hotel Saratoga which was undergoing renovations at the time of the explosion, has over the years, drawn visitors from top government offices and renowned celebrities.

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