12 Killed From Suspected Alcohol Poisoning in Uganda

12 Killed From Suspected Alcohol Poisoning in Uganda (News Central TV)

Police in Uganda‘s north-western region are investigating the death of 12 persons who may have died from suspected alcohol poisoning.

According to reports, the deaths were reported between Saturday and Sunday in the Madi-Okollo district.

Several additional people have been admitted to hospitals with possible poisoning, including one merchant who was selling the gin labeled as City 5 Pineapple Flavoured Gin.

The label on the bottle lists “demineralised water, additional neutral alcohol, and pineapple flavor,” however it is unclear what the other ingredients are.

According to a representative of the local police, samples of the gin have been gathered and will be given to the government chemist for testing.

While investigations are ongoing, four people have been detained and the cottage factory where the alcohol was produced has been shut down.

In Uganda, alcohol-related fatalities are rather common. According to authorities, at least 80 people in southwest Uganda passed away in 2010 after consuming alcohol spiked with methanol.

In 2021, four members of a family died of suspected food poisoning in the central Uganda district of Luweero.

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