13th International Comic Strip Festival Held in Algiers

The 13th Comic Strip International Festival of Algiers (FIBDA) wrapped up on Sunday in Algiers, capital of Algeria, with Tunisia playing the guest of honor.

“Renaissance” was the theme of this year’s festival, in reference to the restart of the festival after a one-year forced suspension because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lovers of comics and manga of all ages had a good time during the past four days, as they could see various exhibitions showcasing artworks from different countries. They also had the opportunity to buy accessories and features of their preferred comics and manga characters.

Several drawing workshops were organized to teach new drawing techniques and impart to children the love of this fascinating art.

Conferences and debates were organized with the participation of more than 20 Algerian and foreign artists.

Participants from Tunisia, the United States, France, Poland, Japan and Cote d’Ivoire debated issues relating to the development of the comic strip and ways to strengthen cooperation between artists from different countries to build worldwide bridges between diverse cultures.


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