Jumia Partners Top Brands To Make Products More Affordable

E-commerce platforms, Jumia is partnering with some global brands to reduce the cost of their products. Brands involved in the campaign are Samsung, Bruhm, Xiaomi, Nivea and Pernod Ricard.

The online marketplace said it wants to ease the hardship brough by the fall in revenue as the coronavirus induced pandemic ravages the whole world.

According to Jumia’s CEO Sam Chappatte, the campaign will run from September 28th to October 4th, provides consumers with access to top-quality products directly from manufacturers, thereby reducing the cost of the products. E-commerce platforms like Jumia have made life easier for people during this Covid-19 period with more people opting for online deliveries for essentials.

This initiative is coming days after Jumia signed another partnership with Airtel in Kenya on mobile money payments through Airtel Money. This service will be enhancing the contactless-delivery initiative started by Jumia in March as a safety measure against spreading COVID-19.

Consumers are encouraged to prepay or pay before delivery of their purchases to avoid cash changing hands. The option “will make it easier for more consumers to incorporate online shopping as part of their daily transactions,” says Jumia’s head of financial services, Nelly Movine. This service has already started Ghana, Uganda and Kenya is the latest entrant using this mode of payment. Jumia had some awful experience on the postpaid or cash on delivery service.

A Jumia deliveryman was killed in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, In 2017. He was delivering i-Phones to customers who were to pay on site after the delivery. And this new third party payment system will guard against such situations occurring again.


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