Death Toll Rises To 100 In Sudan Militia Attack

Barely a month after the cessation of the UN-AU Peacekeeping mission in Sudan’s Darfur region, deadly violence has erupted, leading to the death of more than 100 people.

On Monday, militia fighters resumed their daredevilry as they continued their violence which has spanned three days now.

The UN-AU Peacekeeping mission stopped patrolling on the 31st of December and they had barely left before armed militia resumed hostilities. Sudan’s Darfur region is expected to be protected by security operatives of the transitional government.

Monday’s attack happened in the town of Gereida, where a militia attacked members of the Fallata tribe.

Gereida was also the site of deadly clashes in December, between the Fallata and Masalit tribes.

The latest attack erupted after a man from the Fallata tribe killed a Masalit man, leading to a serious violence in Western Darfur that has left at least 120 people dead and 198 injured.

Many inhabitants of the region have also fled for safety, as the bitter memories of years past sadly re-emerge.

A joint security force of the United Nations and African Union began operations in 2007 after thousands of people were killed in unrest in the Darfur region.

The security force/peacekeeping mission pulled out as leading Darfuri former rebels signed a peace agreement ahead of the takeover of the transitional government.

The United Nations has expressed concern over the clashes in the region, which has led to the displacement of more than 50,000 Sudanese nationals.

“The Secretary-General calls on the Sudanese authorities to expend all efforts to de-escalate the situation and bring an end to the fighting, restore law and order and ensure the protection of civilians,” spokesman to Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General Stephane Dujarric said in a statement.

The Darfur region has been a hotspot for violence for more than a decade, with food crisis and security upheavals bedeviling inhabitants, many of whom have fled to neighbouring countries in search of safety.

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