‘Arab Spring’ Reignites in Tunisia as Protests, Riots Continue

On the street of Tunis and Sidi Bouzid, where the Arab Spring all began, local youths have reignited the chants that fuelled one of Arabia’s greatest movement and revolution in history.

Youths continue to line the Tunisian capital as they complain about economic hardship and lack of jobs.

Chants on the streets resonate with those sang a decade ago as the people sought for and achieved the coming of a democratic government.

Since democracy came into being in the country, not much has changed.

The town of Sidi Bouazid where the Arab Spring revolution began saw a multitude of protesting youths chanting “The people want the fall of the regime.”

Angry youths blocked the roads, burnt tyres and locked the capital Tunis down as they complained about the governance seen in the country.

Across the country, angry youths have been hurling stones at Police vehicles as the security agencies deployed tear gas to disperse them. Local reports have recently accused some of the protesting youths of looting shops.

Prime Minister, Hisham Mechichi’s 4-day lockdown order has failed to stand as the youths have failed to leave the streets.

Mechichi called on the youths to stop the protests, saying the government has heard their worries and displeasures.

“Your voice is heard and your anger is legitimate… Do not allow saboteurs among you,” he said while addressing protesters on Tuesday.

Not much improvement has been seen in Tunisia since the revolution happened a decade ago, exactly in 2011. The call for the fall of the autocratic regime of the time led to the Arab Spring which penetrated through other North African countries and the Middle East.

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