Sahrawi Army Sustains Attacks Against Moroccan Forces

For the tenth consecutive week since Moroccan forces violated a cease-fire agreement in November 2020, the Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) have sustained its military offensive against the positions of the Moroccan occupation forces behind the Wall of Shame, a statement from the Sahrawi Ministry of Defence has said.

The statement said, “the Sahrawi army forces on Sunday launched a series of heavy attacks targeting the positions of the Moroccan occupation forces in several sectors, like the regions of Ajbailat Al-Khader in the Guelta sector, as well as the Kalb Enos area in the Auserd sector, which was bombarded three times during the day.”

The Sahrawi army carried out further bombardments targeting the positions of the Moroccan royal army entrenched in several areas of Rous Echadhimiya zone (Mehbes sector), Frerina in Smara, Adhim Oum Adjloud, Azmoul Oum Khemla sector among others.  

Coordinated armed struggle commenced in response to the Moroccan violation of the cease-fire agreement on November 13, 2020.

Secretary-General of the Sahrawi Ministry of Security and Documentation, Sidi Oukal said Tuesday that 510 military operations have been carried out against the Moroccan army in the past 67 days.

Oukal said Moroccan military bases have incurred huge human and material losses while deploying all forms of weapons and materials despite its discretion with regard to war.

“The region has entered into an intensified war that will escalate in the future” he added.

In a similar press conference on Tuesday, the Frente POLISARIO representative to the United Nations Sidi Mohamed Amar declared that the Sahrawi cause had taken a new turning point since violation of the ceasefire adding that its involvement in any negotiation is dependent on developments on the ground and the seriousness of the UN Security Council. The Sahrawi Army attacks targeting the positions of the Moroccan occupying forces linger on as diplomatic relations remain testy. 

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