Saudi Fulfills $1.5bn Pledge to Sudan as Economic Recovery Boost

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has delivered its promise of providing $1.5bn aid to Sudan in a bid to help the nation’s economy.

Sudan’s transitional government is grappling with the effects of an economic downturn that has seen it renew ties with the United States and other world giants.

Prime Minister, Abdalla Hamdok led a high-powered Sudanese delegation to Saudi Arabia earlier in the week as they discussed ways the Kingdom can help Sudan rise from its troubles.

Saudi had promised to help Sudan since 2019 and the $1.5bn is believed to be a part of the entire package.

Shortly after the toppling of Omar Al-Bashir’s government in 2019, Saudi and the United Arab Emirates promised to help Sudan with $3bn. At least $1.25bn of the pledge had been fulfilled before now with the aid also coming in the form of top needs in Sudan like wheat, petroleum, medicine and others.

The Sudanese government has revealed how it will disburse the money as it battles a failing economy and rising security challenges.


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