Many Arrested as Niger Thwarts Coup Attempt

As Niger prepares for its first democratic transition in sixty years, it has also had to deal with the challenges coming with it.

On Wednesday morning, a heavy gunfire was heard near the government house in Niamey with attempts at seizing power made in the country.

The coup attempt was nipped in the bud by nation’s forces with many of those involved already arrested while others have fled town.

The gunshots, News Central gathered came from light and heavy weapons and lasted 15 minutes before being quelled.

The assailants were identified as personnel of a nearby airforce base. They were soon overpowered by the Presidential guard who battled them and stood up to their shelling.

According to the Spokesperson of the Nigerien government, Abdourahamane Zakaria, order has since been restored to the country. He condemned the actions and restated the aim of the government to see to a successful transition.

The government condemned the cowardly and retrogressive act that aimed to endanger democracy and the rule of law to which our country is resolutely committed.”

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Since Mohammed Bazoum was confirmed as Niger’s President-elect, there have been attacks by various armed groups, a reminder of the work that’s ahead of the country’s first democratic leader in six decades.

Bazoum is expected to be inaugurated on Friday in Niamey with security expected to be top of his government’s agenda.


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