Mozambique Protects Sovereignty Amid Foreign Support Against Terrorism

As more developed countries in the world indicate interest to help Mozambique against the Islamic State-linked terrorists in its northern region, the country is watching its back.

President Filipe Nyusi on Wednesday remarked that the country knows the areas it needs help but will want to be left to solve some of its problems on its own.

The South African Development Commission (SADC) says it is considering a regional response to the problems in Palma, northern Mozambique.

Two weeks ago, terrorists struck the town of Palma forcing thousands of Mozambicans to flee, via rivers and into forests. Some of these locals have since travelled to Tanzania and other neighbouring countries.

The United States has also set a small team on ground for training. Portugal and some other countries have also indicated interest in helping Mozambique.

Nyusi, however, is not running away from the roles to be played by the Mozambican forces despite foreign pressures on the country.

The President insists Mozambicans know in which areas they need support and which areas are up to them, to solve, but doesn’t state where they need help.

“Those who arrive from abroad will not replace us, they will support us. This is not about pride, it’s about sovereignty,” he retorted.

Nyusi added that no war can be won if it isn’t clear from the beginning what can be done by the country itself and what can be done by allies.

Cabo Delgado has been a big hotspot of insecurity, with the latest attack in Palma leading to the deaths of many people and the displacement of tens of thousands.

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