Egypt’s Information Minister Osama Heikal Resigns

Egypt’s Minister for Information Osama Heikal has submitted a letter of resignation to Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli indicating private reasons as the cause, Spokesperson of the Cabinet Nader Saad stated Sunday.

Members of Egypt’s House of Representatives criticised Minister of State for Information Osama Heikal heavily in a session in January. He was accused of holding two official posts simultaneously namely as the Minister of Information and President of Media Production City, which clearly violates constitutional provisions. 

Minister for Information Osama Heikal

The MPs demanded Heikal to refund all of the money he took from the state while holding both posts, noting that the minster was engaging in a lot of disputes with most of the media workers during the past period.

“I wonder about the reason behind giving two posts at the same time to one person, Is it because there are no cadres in the country to hold positions instead of violating the constitution and the law?”, Majority Leader in Parliament MP Ashraf Rashad said during the session.

MP Mahmoud Badr also said that Heikal gave noting to the parliament in his speech but ‘procrastination for all solutions’, when other ministers were discussing the achievements of their ministries before the newly-elected parliament.

Other MPs like Tamer Abdel Qader, Ayat Al-Haddad and Mustafa Bakry slammed the Minister for his actions and eventually demanded his resignation.

MP Hend Rashan who works as a host at the state’s television revealed that ‘Maspero’ (state-run broadcasting building) is actually suffering from many problems waiting to be solved for a long time.


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