Thousands of Angolans Flee to Namibia Due to Drought

Over 10,000 Angolans have moved to Namibia due to the drought, an official says.

Angola’s 1,100km border with Namibia in the provinces of Cunene, Namibe, and Cuando Cubango are porous and allows for easy illegal crossings.

Namibian Ambassador to Angola, Patrick Nandago said most of the refugees are from Huíla, Cunene, Namibe, and Cuando Cubango provinces.

Angolans living in the borders with Namibia are experiencing acute food and water shortages due to persistent drought with malnutrition widespread among children. Nandago added that the number of citizens seeking refuge in Namibia is on a daily rise.

Droughts in Angola has impacted food security

He assured Namibians that authorities are prepared to deal with any issue that may arise. Many Angolan children who live along the border attend classes in Namibian schools and people living along the border have relatives on both sides.

In March, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said hunger in Angola was on the rise as the country experienced its worst episode of drought in four decades in the south-western provinces. Unusual dryness is hampering the 2020/21 rainy season, which typically runs from November to April.

Diminishing water supply is severely impacting crops with losses of up to 40 percent and increasing the risk for livestock sustenance. WFP says it is extremely concerned given the chronic food insecurity and malnutrition rates in the worst affected areas.

Last month, Namibian authorities deported about 100 illegal immigrants from Angola.

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