Terrorists Kill 25 Civilians in Eastern Burkina Faso

Not less than 25 people have ben reportedly killed this week in a terrorist attack on a village in eastern Burkina Faso while 11 assailants were “neutralised,” according to an official provisional toll released on Wednesday.

Communications Minister Ousseni Tamboura in a statement remarked that two of the 25 were members of the Volunteers for the Defence of the Motherland (VDP), an anti-terrorist civilian defence force,

He said the volunteers “put up heroic resistance to the enemy, enabling 11 terrorists to be neutralised,”

The attack on the village of Kodyel was one of the deadliest to hit the country in its more-than five-year-old battle with terrorists.

The latest attack came just a week after three Europeans two Spanish journalists and an Irish wildlife activist were killed in an ambush against an anti-poaching patrol.

More than 1,300 people have been killed and one million have fled the violence since 2015.


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