African Parliament Suspends Election on Day 2 of Disorder

Leadership elections for the Pan-African Parliament was suspended for in-house disorder on the second day

The lawmakers disagreed over Leadership elections for the Pan-African Parliament, they were unable to agree on the perfect approach to choose the presidency i.e. whether the presidency should be rotated by region.

In view of the unproductive disagreements, the sitting was suspended, lights turned off, and members of parliament asked to leave.

Clerk of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) Vipya HARAWA said “…no election ….. in this climate, and naturally I suspend this session, to give you time to calm down …. and when the time is appropriate, we will come back, and we will proceed to vote. This session is suspended! “

The parliament which was formed in 2004, elects their members through their national legislatures, sits for three weeks twice a year at its headquarters in Midrand, located between the South African capital Pretoria and Johannesburg

The assembly is the legislative branch of the African Union, but in reality, is merely a consultative body.

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