Senegal Set to Produce Covid-19 Vaccines

Coronavirus Covid-19 vaccine development medical with syringe for doctor use to treat pneumonia illness patients.

Senegal, a West African country, has successfully joined the growing list of African countries to secure the patent right to manufacture Covid-19 vaccines in 2022.

Senegal on Monday signed a deal with a Belgian biotech group Univercells to produce the jabs from next year. It is hoped that this move would boost Africa’s drug-manufacturing ambitions

Senegal joins the likes of Egypt, Morocco and South Africa in the list of African countries that have successfully secured the rights to produce the jabs.

Several reports revealed that the UNivercells signed the letter of intent for collaboration with Institut Pasteur in Senegal in April.

Univercell further revealed that it will transfer its line of production to Senegal in mid-2022.

The production process is expected to involve the hiring of locals and once the production is fully effected, the jabs will be distributed in the West African region.


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