Hostilities Continue in Tigray Despite Ethiopia’s Ceasefire Order

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has described the unilateral ceasefire of Ethiopian forces as a joke, as hostilities continue despite the decision of the national army.

The TPLF have regained control in Mekelle and has said its people will be protected but has seen the ceasefire as an opportunity to seize and return the shelling of the past, rather than an avenue to protect the region.

The TPLF, which ruled Ethiopia for almost thirty years has been on a largely one-sided kerfuffle with the nation’s army, with human rights abuse and great shenanigans seen in Eritrea’s support to Ethiopia.

While Mekelle is returning to normalcy and communication access is gradually getting restored, the TPLF are not giving up just yet.

“We are closing in on both the western and southern parts of our territory and will be measuring our steps so we can fully liberate every square inch of Tigray,” a top TPLF Commander said.

Ethiopia has also called on the regional rebel group to accept its ceasefire proposal, as it says it takes two to tango.

“For this (ceasefire)to be fully implemented, as they say, it needs two to tango, so the other side needs to react,” Ethiopian foreign ministry spokesman Dina Mufti said.

The United Nations’ humanitarian agency is also looking to have access to the region for the growing population of starving Tigrayans. The UN placed the affected population at 350,000 with the United States almost triple may have been affected by the war-induced famine in the region.

The United Nations has called on Ethiopia to open the region for the many affected people, although the national government has said the aid given to the people often helps in stoking the TPLF’s fire.

Abiy admitted on Wednesday that the ceasefire was borne out of necessity rather than desire as Tigray wasn’t considered the centre of gravity again for the military, owing to the rising hostilities caused by the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project.

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