Rwanda Announces New Covid-19 Guidelines for Infected Students

Rwanda’s Ministry of Education has released infection, prevention, and control (IPC) guidelines for students in home-based care (HBC) who will be sitting for National Examinations on Monday, July 12.

This follows the revelations that among candidates who will be commencing their exams, some have been diagnosed with Covid-19.

Minister of Education, Valentine Uwamariya says they are not going to test for Covid-19 prior to sitting for exams since they tested students before they went home although she admitted that among those they tested, 73 students were positive,”

The Ministry also announced how those in HBC will be facilitated as candidates were requested to report to their respective centers this Sunday, July 11 to be given instructions about the national examinations and be assigned their respective seats.

The guidelines are for students in primary six, senior three, senior six, and TVET level five who are in home-based care.

All examination centers will have a separate examination room for students coming from HBC, which will be disinfected every day.

The nearest health facility will provide face masks (N95 or surgical masks), hand sanitizers, gloves, a nurse, or an IPC focal person at the examination center to support the implementation of covid-19 measures.

All students in HBC who be sitting for national exams will be accompanied by a parent or a responsible relative when coming to the center and going back.

According to the new guidelines, no student in HBC should sit for an exam when not feeling well

Once a student completes his/her exam, the answer sheet will be collected by an invigilator (with gloves on), and kept with other student answer sheets.

There is no risk of contamination after 10 days, which is when the envelopes with these answer sheets will be opened.

All examination rooms should be well ventilated with open windows and doors.

The national exams will begin with primary school candidates.

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