Updated List of Prominent African Leaders Who Have Been Sent to Jail

The former South African President Jacob Zuma becomes the latest African leader to be jailed.

The former South African President Jacob Zuma handed himself over to the police after he was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment becomes the latest African leader to be jailed.

Below is an extended list of all the major leaders who were jailed after completing their term in office:

NameCountryDate of birthOfficial positionsYear of SentenceDate of death
Jacob Gedleyihlekisa ZumaSouth Africa1942-04-12President (2009-2018)2021Living
Alphonse Massamba-DébatCongo1921-2-11President of Republic of the Congo (1963-1968)197725-3-1977 (Executed)
Ali Osman TahaSudan1944-01-01Vice President (2011-2013, 1998-2005)2019 to presentLiving
Baghdadi MahmudiLibya1945Prime Minister (2006-2011)2011 to presentLiving
Banana, Canaan Zimbabwe1936-03-05President (1980–1987)1997 to 20012003-11-10
Ben Bella, AhmedAlgeria1916-12-25President (1963–1965)1965 to 1980 (house arrest)2012-04-11
Bokassa, Jean-BédelCentral African Republic1921-02-22Emperor (1976–1979), President (1966–1976)1986 to 1993 (pardoned)1996-11-03
Carlos CorreiaGuinea-Bissau1933-11-06Prime Minister (2015-2016, 2008-2009, 1997-1998, 1991-1994)1999 to 2003Living
Cassim ChilumphaMalawi1959-11-29Vice President (2004-2009)2006 to presentLiving
Chihana, ChakufwaMalawi1939-04-23Vice President (2003-2004, 1994-1996)1992 to 1993, 1970 to 19752006-06-12
Chiluba, FrederickZambia1943-04-30President (1991-2002)2003 to 20092011-06-18
Diya, OladipoNigeria1944-04-03Vice President (1993-1997)1997 to 1998Living
Dorda, AbuzedLibya1944-04-04Prime Minister (1990-1994)2011 to presentLiving
Ebeid, AtefEgypt1932-04-14Prime Minister (1999-2004)2012 to 20132014-09-12
Muhammad EgalSomali Republic1928-08-15Prime Minister (1967-1969)1969 to 1976, 1978 to 19852003-05-03
Ephraïm InoniCameroon1947-08-16Prime Minister (2004-2009)2012 to presentLiving
Eugene Koffi AdoboliTogo1934-10-03Prime Minister (1999-2000)2011 to 2016Living
Faustino ImbaliGuinea-Bissau1956-05-01Prime Minister (2001)2009 to presentLiving
Foday SankohSierra Leone1937-10-17Vice President (1999-2000)2000 to 20032003-07-29
Frédéric BamvuginyumviraBurundi1961-06-24Vice President (1998-2001)2013Living
Gilbert AkéCote D’Ivoire1956Prime Minister (2010-2011)2011 to 2012Living
Gregoire KayibandaRwanda1924-5-1President of Rwanda (1961-1973)1973 to 1976 (house arrest)15-12-1976
Guilherme Posser da CostaSão Tomé and Príncipe1953Prime Minister (1999-2001)2004 to 2007Living
Gyude BryantLiberia1949-01-17President (2003-2006)2007 to 20092014-04-16
Habib BourguibaTunisia1903-08-03President (1957-1987), Prime Minister (1956-1957)1987 to 2000 (House Arrest)2000-04-06
Hastings BandaMalawi1898-02-15President (1966-1994)19951997-11-25
Haile SelassieEthiopia1892-07-23Emperor (1930–1974)1974-1975 (house arrest)1975-08-27
Hama AmadouNiger1949Prime Minister (2000-2007, 1995-1996)2008 to presentLiving
Hamad, Seif SharifTanzania
1943-10-22Vice President (2010-present), Chief Minister (1984-1988)2000 to 2003, 1988 to 1991Living
Habré, HissèneChad1942-09-13Prime Minister (1978–1979), President (1982–1990)2005 to 2013 (house arrest), 2013 to PresentLiving
Hamani DioriNiger1916-06-06President (1960-1974)1980 to 1987 (House Arrest)1989-04-23
Hosni MubarakEgypt1928-05-04President (1981-2011)2011 to 20172020-02-25
Idiagbon, TundeNigeria1943-09-12Vice President (1983-1985)1985 to 19881999-03-24
Idrissa SeckSenegal1960-08-09Prime Minister (2002-2004)2005 to 2006Living
Jean-Baptiste BagazaBurundi1946-08-29President (1976-1987)1997 to 20162016-05-04
Jean KambandaRwanda1955-10-19Prime Minister (1994)1997 to presentLiving
Jean-Pierre BembaDemocratic Republic of the Congo1962-11-04Vice President (2003-2006)2008 to 2018Living
Joachim Yhombi-OpangoRepublic of the Congo1939-01-12President (1977-1979), Prime Minister (1993-1996)1987 to 1990, 2001 to 2007 (house arrest)2020-03-30
Júnior, Carlos GomesGuinea-Bissau1949-12-19Prime Minister (2009-2012, 2004-2005)2012Living
Kenan EvrenTurkey1917-07-17President (1980-1989)2012 to 20152015-05-09
Kaunda, KennethZambia1924-04-28President (1964–1991)1997 to 199817 June 2021
Keita, ModiboMali1915-06-04President (1960–1968)1968 to 1977 (house arrest)1977-05-16
Kadege, Alphonse-MarieBurundiUnknownVice President (2003-2004)2004 to 2007Living
Benedicto KiwanukaUganda1922-5-8Prime Minister (1962)1968 to 1970 19721972-9-22 (murdered)
Kodjo, AgbéyoméTogo1954-10-12Prime Minister (2000-2002)2002 to present (International Order of Arrest Issued)Living
Kumba IaláGuinea-Bissau1953-03-15President (2000-2003)2003 to 2004 (House Arrest)2014-04-04
Laurent GbagboCote D’Ivoire1945-05-31President (2000-2011)2011 to 2019Living
Pasteur BiziunguRwanda1950President (1994-2000)2001 to 2004 (House Arrest) 2004 – 2007 (prison)Living
P. W. BothaSouth Africa1916-01-12President (1984-1989), Prime Minister (1978-1984)1998 to 1999 (suspended sentence and won appeal in June of 1999)2006-10-31
Marc RavalomananaMadagascar1949-12-12President (2004-2009)2012 to 2014Living
Macías Nguema, FranciscoEquatorial Guinea1924-01-01President (1968–1979)19791979-09-29 (executed)
Mame Madior BoyeSenegal1940Prime Minister (2001-2002)2008 to 2009 (Order of Arrest Issued)Living
Massemba-Débat, AlphonseCongo, Republic of the1921President (1963–1968), Prime Minister (1963)19771977-03-25 (executed)
Miguel Abia Biteo BoricóEquatorial Guinea1961-01-11Prime Minister (2004-2006)2007 to 20122012-12-06
Michel MicomberoBurundi1940-08-26President (1966-1976), Prime Minister (1966)1976 to 19771983-07-16
Mohamed Abu al-Qasim al-ZwaiLibya1942-05-14President (2010-2011)2011 to presentLiving
Mohamed Abdou MadiComorosUnknownPrime Minister (1994)2008 to presentLiving
Mohamed MorsiEgypt1951-08-08President (2012-2013)2013 to 20192019-06-17
Mohamed Tahir AyalaSudan1950-51Prime Minister (2019)2019 to presentLiving
Mohamoud Omar, AbdiSomali RegionUnknownPresident (2005-2018)2018 to presentLiving
Mugabe, RobertZimbabwe1924-02-21President (1987-2017), Prime Minister (1980-1987)2017 (House Arrest)2019-09-06
Muhammad VIII al-AminTunisia1881-09-04King (1956-1957), Bey of Tunis (1943-1956)19611962-09-30
Muluzi, BakiliMalawi1942-03-17President (1994-2004)2009 to present (Indictment), May 2008Living
Nazif, AhmedEgypt1952-07-08Prime Minister (2004-2011)2011 to 2016Living
Olusegun ObasanjoNigeria1937-03-07President (1999-2007, 1976-1979), Vice President (1975-1976)1993 to 1998Living
Omar Al-BashirSudan1944-01-01President (1989-2019)2019 to presentLiving
Ouyahia, AhmedAlgeria1952-07-02Prime Minister (2017-2019, 2008-2012, 2003-2006, 1995-1998)2019 to presentLiving
Pascal Affi N’GuessanIvory Coast1953-01-03Prime Minister (2000-2003)2011 to 2012Living
Qandil, HeshamEgypt1962-09-17Prime Minister (2012-2013)2013 to 2014Living
Raimundo PereiraGuinea-Bissau1956-08-28President (2012, 2009)2012Living
Riek MacharSudan
South Sudan
1950Vice President (2016, 2005-2013)2017 to 2019Living
Sambi, Ahmed Abdallah MohamedComoros1958-06-05President (2006-2011)2018 to presentLiving
Sanhá, ArturGuinea-Bissau1965Prime Minister (2003-2004)2005 to presentLiving
Sellal, AbdelmalekAlgeria1948-08-01Prime Minister (2014-2017, 2012-2014)2019 to presentLiving
Seyni OumarouNiger1951-08-01Prime Minister (2007-2009)July 29th to August 2nd 2010Living
Shehu Musa Yar’AduaNigeria1943-02-05Vice President (1976-1979)1995 to 19971997-12-08
Sidya TouréGuinea1945Prime Minister (1996-1999)2004Living
Soilih, AliComoros1937-01-07Head of State (1976-1978)May 13th to 29th 19781978-05-29
Souaré, Ahmed TidianeGuinea1951Prime Minister (2008)2008 to presentLiving
Souley AbdoulayeNiger1965Prime Minister (1994-1995)May to August 1999Living
Soumeylou Boubèye MaïgaMali1954-06-08Prime Minister (2017-present)2012 to 2013Living
Taylor, CharlesLiberia1948-01-28President (1997-2003)2006 to presentLiving
Tandja, MamadouNiger1938President (1999-2010)January to May 2010 (House Arrest)Living
Tom ThabaneLesotho1939-05-28Prime Minister (2017-2020, 2012-2015, 2017-2020)2020 to present (Indictment)Living
Traoré, MoussaMali1936-09-25President (1968–1991)1992 to 2002 (death sentence commuted)2020-9-15
Tshibala, BrunoDemocratic Republic of the Congo1956-02-20Prime Minister (2017-2019)October to November 2016Living
Youcef YousfiAlgeria1941-10-02Prime Minister (2014)2019 to presentLiving
Jacob ZumaSouth Africa1942-04-12President (2009-2018)2021Living

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