Total Eren Ready to Construct Solar Power Plant in Libreville

Total Eren to Construct Solar Power Plant in Libreville (News Central TV)

A renewable energy independent power producer (IPP), Total Eren has finalised a deal with the Gabonese authorities for the construction of a 50 MW solar power plant near the capital Libreville, Gabon.

Total Eren, which is partly owned by French oil major Total Energies, signed the preliminary agreement with Gabon’s Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Alain-Claude Bilie By Nze.

The solar project will enable the Central African country diversify its electricity mix as the power will be fed into the grid of the Société d’énergie et de l’eau du Gabon (SEEG).

Gabon currently has an installed capacity of 750 MW, half of which is produced from natural gas. The other part of the public grid’s electricity is produced by oil-fired power plants, as well as hydroelectric power plants.

Bilie By Nze estimates that the Total Eren solar power plant will save 22 million litres of fuel oil per year, or 59,092 tonnes of CO2 over the same period.

“The completion of this project would contribute to the realisation of the desire of the highest authorities to diversify energy production sources, giving priority to the use of clean and renewable energies, in order to meet the demand for electricity from industry and households,” said Billie.

This project adds to a long list of Gabon’s new hybrid solar power plants. These facilities, eight in total, are being built in Ovan, Mékambo, Makokou , Booué (in the province of Ogooué Ivindo), Minvoul and Medouneu (in the province of Woleu Ntem) and in Ndjolé in the province of Moyen-Ogooué.

A subsidiary of the French group Engie, Ausar Energy is building the plant on behalf of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation (CDC) of Gabon.  

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