Arsenal: Kagame in Twitter Meltdown After Brentford Defeat

“Visit Rwanda”, says the prints on the sleeves of Arsenal jerseys, in promotion of Rwanda’s impressive tourism, but if Paul Kagame’s meltdown on Twitter on Friday night was anything to go by, he toured the Emirates with his reactions.

It’s a new season and Arsenal fans had fresh rounds of hunches about old troubles. They’ve just lost to newly-promoted Brentford 2-0 while putting up a display that was at best shambolic, by their standard. 

Arsenal faithfuls went on angry vitriols on Twitter and other social networks, blaming who they found close and making a scapegoating of whoever they caught wanting. Yet, Kagame, like the President he is, chose to see the issues from a leader’s perspective, albeit with a fair  dose of painful realities of the Gunners’ current situation. 

In what almost seems like a Presidential address to a committee of misfiring ministers, Kagame tweeted; 

“It’s been a struggle of about decade(s) -ups&downs-more downs until this point. Can’t we have a plan that really works?? One part to look at is how we deal in the market- players we buy to execute the plan. The touch & go mentality does not bring change,” to indicate Arsenal’s struggles in the transfer window in the last few seasons.

In another tweet that looked like a manifesto by an opposition politician, firing at the weaknesses of the incumbent, Kagame tweeted;

The President of the East African nation, who has been in power for more than 20 years ended his reaction with an advice on how to build a team, emphasising on the need to win – an outcome which has become a privilege than a norm for Arsenal in recent seasons.

“We just must NOT excuse or Accept mediocrity. A team has to be built with purpose to win win win. So that when we lose….it was not to be expected! I am sure we all know on whose shoulders the heaviest burden rests. I hope they know too or even accept it!!! End” he tweeted.

Arsenal and Rwanda – The Nexus

While there have been concerns raised by human rights activists and purists over Arsenal’s deal with Rwanda, as they identified Kagame as a repressive leader and one who doesn’t entertain criticisms- similar to what he’s  dished his darling club, the partnership has been positive from Rwanda’s end, with the country revealing tourist visits have increased by almost 10% since they entered the partnership.

Arsenal have quite a rich following in East Africa, where Rwanda is staking a claim to be an economic giant, and after paying £30m (probably out of the £60m gotten in foreign aid from the UK) to Arsenal, it’s just appropriate that President Kagame raises an alarm when he’s dissatisfied.

During the final days of Arsene Wenger, Kagame was a strong #WengerOut voice and the Frenchman was honourably sacked afterwards. If he still holds the same magic in his tweets, Mikel Arteta could as well be on the look out in the days ahead. Arsenal currently wear millions on their sleeves and the man who pays it isn’t happy.  

With Arsenal’s consistent slump and a new deal with rave of the moment – PSG, Kagame may already be looking at other ways foreigners can visit Rwanda if those tweets are anything to consider. 

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