Gabonese Official Seeks Dialogue Between Algeria, Morocco

Gabonese Official Seeks Dialogue Between Algeria, Morocco (News Central TV)

Deputy Speaker of Gabon’s National Assembly Germain Biahodjow has said he “deeply” regrets Algeria’s “unilateral” decision to sever diplomatic relations with Morocco.

Biahodjow said “This decision seems to be at odds with good neighbourly practices and the desired African integration.”

He added that his status as a Gabonese parliamentarian obligates him to express “deep regret” noting that the unilateral severance of diplomatic relations “has never been a solution to settle bilateral problems.”

His Majesty King Mohammed VI

The parliamentarian also commended Morocco’s commitment to remaining a loyal ally for the Algerian people despite Algiers’ decision to cut ties with Morocco.

He encouraged dialogue between both countries, “There are many examples of this affirmed desire for dialogue by the Kingdom of Morocco, of which the appeal launched by HM King Mohammed VI, in his speech on the occasion of the Feast of the Throne in July 2021, is the perfect illustration of the good faith” of Morocco.

The Gabonese official urged Algerian authorities to accept the olive branch that Morocco “always extended” and resume mutually beneficial diplomatic relations.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Qatar, France, Bahrain, among others have all called for dialogue to end the crisis.

Saudi Arabia, through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, called on both parties to mend fences. The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation also urged the two countries to engage in dialogue.

Algeria accused Morocco of alleged involvement in the wildfires in the Kabylie region at a time when Rabat offered to send firefighting aircraft to assist in combating the fires ravaging the region. An offer that fell flat on the Algerian side. 

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