Sudanese Authorities Seize Arms Shipment from Libya

Sudanese Authorities Seize Arms shipment from Libya (News Central )

Sudanese Authorities have announced the seizure of a shipment of weapons and explosives from Libya by arms traffickers.

The shipment of weapons from Libya was seized by the country’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) paramilitary group said in a statement. Four Libyans were arrested in the sting.

Head of the RSF human rights unit, Nooreldin Abdelwahab

RSF members “deployed on the border strip between Sudan, Egypt, and Libya, managed to seize a shipment of weapons, ammunition, and explosives coming from the State of Libya…”

RSF commander Lieutenant-Colonel Ali Ahmed Mahmoud Awajeh said RSF units were deployed near the border after intelligence indicated that arms trading gangs were operating there.

The paramilitary group said its forces clashed with the smugglers before seizing “two GMC cars carrying 36 Kalashnikov rifles and two boxes of grenades in addition to the DShK cannon, an RPG-7 launcher” and various ammunitions.

Southern Libya border with Sudan, Chad, and Niger is a crime triangle and has transit routes used by mercenaries, smugglers, arms dealers, and militants.

The area is controlled by various armed tribes such as the Tabu and Tuareg who receive protection money, goods, and fuel in exchange for allowing smugglers a safe passage.

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