Libya Parliament Withdraws Confidence from Unity Government

Libya Parliament Withdraws Confidence from Unity Government (News Central TV)

Libya’s eastern-based parliament on Tuesday passed a vote of no-confidence on the country’s unity government. 89 MPs out of the 113 MPs present in the eastern city of Tobruk voted to withdraw confidence from the Tripoli-based administration of interim Prime Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah, three months ahead of planned elections.

The withdrawal of confidence was decided during a voting session attended by 113 members, where 89 voted in favour of the decision, Abdullah Blehig, spokesman of the House of Representatives, said on the parliament’s official website.

Libyan Prime Minister and Head of Unity Government Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah

Last week, 45 parliament members requested to withdraw confidence from the government.

The parliament held a session to query Prime Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah over financial and administrative violations on September 8.

The Government of National Unity was selected by the UN-sponsored Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) in February, ending years of political division in the country.

Libya is expected to hold national polls in December this year as approved by the LPDF.

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