Morocco Gets First Electric Car Charging Stations by Tesla Motors

Morocco Gets First Electric Car Charging Stations by Tesla Motors (News Central TV)

Africa’s first supercharger outlets have been installed in Tangier, near the main highway that connects Morocco’s major cities on the Atlantic coast.

The charging stations in Morocco, are the first in Africa. They were installed by Electric car manufacturer, Tesla. Tesla founder, Elon Musk, is South African by birth.

Although the deployment of the first charging stations in Africa, by Tesla has been critiqued as slow, the innovative electric car manufacturer is making its way to Africa by quietly installing its first “supercharger” charging stations in Morocco.

While international businesses would usually announce such moves through elaborate press releases and glitzy events, Tesla chose to simply install the stations without notice.

The two stations will make Tesla cars a feasible option for up-market customers.

The company installed four supercharger stations capable of delivering 150kW near the Tangier Al Houara Hilton Resort.

The second set of superchargers were installed at the Onomo Hotel in Casablanca – the country’s main economic center, with a similar set of four 150kW charging stations.

The absence of charging stations had made Tesla cars a rarity in Africa, where the only charging options consisted of “Tesla connectors” at some hotels and private residences. These connectors deliver up to 22kW, a typical setup for home charging.

Tesla cars are already in high demand across Africa, although not an option for long-distance driving. The emergence of charging stations in Morocco is likely to see a rapid growth in interest in electric vehicles.

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