Escapee Monkeys Go Bananas, Attack Humans In Tanzania

Escapee monkeys have gone bananas.

Monkeys in Tanzania’s Northern Kilimanjaro region have gone bananas as they destroy crops and attack humans. 

According to Turkish news agency, Anadolu, locals reported that rebellious monkeys have been on the loose in the country, attacking farmers’ crops, and also humans in groups of 20-30.

Priscilla Shayo, a local ward leader in Kirongo Samanga said the monkeys escaped from the Kilimanjaro National Park and have forced humans to stay indoors, halting activities in the process.

“These monkeys are a big threat. They have lost their sense of fear, and their behavior is becoming very aggressive toward humans,” she said.

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The monkeys also attacked her with a stone but she escaped differing a hit to her eyes by whiskers. The monkeys also enjoyed some local splendor as they grabbed and downed cups of local brews, according to the report.

Their unchecked freedom has also seen them snatch cooked foods as they attack women and children. 

The monkeys’ transition into human-habitats is a result of deforestation that has made their old homes bare lands. Mining activities in the country have also ensured there’s little to no space for them to thrive, further affecting the ecosystem. 

Local legislators have demanded instant actions from the government as residents complain that they steal and eat their bananas  and meatballs. They pose a threat to the people’s food security and are also dangerous cohabitants for humans, due to their aggressive nature.

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“They snatched my cooked bananas and meat. I tried to chase them but it was too late,”  Calista Lyimo a resident of Rima village said. 

Environmentalists have also warned against the continuous deforestation in the country and human activities of laying poisons as traps for monkeys. 

Tanzania is home to 27 species of monkeys, the highest in the East African subregion and one of the highest in the world. 

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