Four Turkish Nationals Injured in Roadside Bombing in Mogadishu

Four Injured in Roadside Bombing in Mogadishu (News Central TV)

Four Injured in Roadside Bombing in Mogadishu (News Central TV)

Four Turkish Nationals were injured on Thursday in Mogadishu when a roadside bomb exploded as their vehicle drove through the Taleh district, according to police.

A police officer told newsmen that three Turkish nationals and their Somali driver were wounded. The officer said the Turkish nationals were in Mogadishu for private business.

The bombing on Thursday wasn’t the first time Turkish tourists in Somalia had been targeted.

Turkey is a crucial player in Somalia’s rehabilitation efforts, training security forces and completing large-scale infrastructural projects. In Mogadishu, it also runs its largest foreign military camp, where Somali forces are trained.

The latest incident occurred as the country continually postponed elections, missing deadlines and creating an atmosphere of insecurity that leaves the country prone to rebel strikes.

On February 16, 2022, News Central reported that five persons were killed as multiple explosions hit Mogadishu, an attack which Al-shabaab militants took responsibility for.

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