Abiy Ahmed Sworn-in for 2nd Term as Ethiopia PM

Following his party’s resounding victory in the June elections, incumbent Abiy Ahmed was sworn in for a second term as Prime Minister of Ethiopia on Monday.

He was sworn in by the President of Ethiopia’s Supreme Court.

Abiy was nominated for Prime Minister by his Prosperity Party and then installed by the House of People’s Representatives. For the next five years, Abiy will serve as Head of State, Chairman of the Council of Ministers, and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

He now begins a five-year term in office after his party won the elections in June 2020.

Ahmed was first appointed prime minister in 2018 by the then ruling party Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) following anti-government protests.

He formed the Prosperity Party in 2019 which scored a landslide win in June’s elections that were boycotted by major opposition groups.

He is expected to announce a new government on Monday.

With his new government, he will face old problems – finding a solution to the conflict in the north being the most pressing one.


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