African Space Pioneers Shine at Expo 2020 Dubai’s Space Week

An African expert team, led by Dr. Mahama Ouedraogo have participated during space week, representing the Education, Science, Tech & Innovation Department as part of the African Union’s strategic objective to contribute to human capital development in Africa through the development of education, science, technology and innovation.

The theme of the Expo 2020 is “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future”.

The African Union’s Space Support Program Coordinator, Dr. Tidiane Ouattara said during the Expo 2020 Dubai’s Space Week that Space technology and application services are valued at $7.37 billion and the creation of the African Space Agency brings hope that Africa will synergize her efforts to count and make a difference in the global space arena.

The week’s events tackled topics such as the UAE’s vision for space; how space exploration is employed as a catalyst for good back on earth; whilst also unpacking the international co-operation through new coalitions and partnerships within the space sector, ushering in less-represented nations.

It week also elevated to the spotlight, vital contributions made by women in the exploration of space, as well as studying sustainability in space amongst the many star gazing sessions.

Dr. Ouattara was amongst his peers, leading minds of industry and explorers with an innovative eye, gathered to present a variety of content, engaging on probing discussions and more. They examined the benefits, employed solutions and the identified challenges in the pursuit of exploring beyond the planet’s orbit.

The African Union (AU) acknowledges and believes that the use of space-based products and services to provide critical spatial information for decision-making purposes, would contribute to realizing the AU Africa outer space strategy as envisioned by Agenda 2063.

Director of the Department of Education, Science, Technology & Innovation (ESTI) of the African Union Commission, Dr. Mahama Ouedraogo stated that active participation in the development of space-related applications and services will enable the continent to address its development challenges, helping meet the objectives of Agenda 2063, and make significant contributions towards the implementation of the Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa .

STISA-2024 places science, technology and innovation at the epicentre of Africa’s socio-economic development and growth.

True to the theme of Expo 2020, Connecting Minds and Creating the Future, space marvels of outer space research and exploration led to an inspiring display of innovative science in the quest for a better understanding of how the solar system impacts life on earth.

The African Union Commission delegation of space experts also lent their expertise to the 72nd International Astronautical Congress (IAC), a gathering of the global space community, astronauts, policy makers, leaders, and decision makers, to showcase advanced technology, give a glimpse of new development frontiers and plan for the future of space for the benefit of all humankind.


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