AfricaNXT 2022 provides a platform keenly focused on the continent, serving a global community eager to connect to Africa from all verticals. Through diverse programming and immersive experiences, we curate a week of high-level conversations, one-of-a-kind moments, and game-changing connections.

2022 THEME:


Content creation has assumed a multi-dimensional position owing to the emergence of a plethora of social media platforms, tools, and formats; and their now overwhelming influence. African-focused stories, in this new world order, have gradually transitioned from the micro to the macro with advancements in technology and the increased distribution that social media offers. Yet, our diverse, impactful, inspiring, and progressive stories are often times misconstrued and told from the perspective of the outside world. This has led to misrepresentations in films, articles, arts, music and general creative works.

This panel will highlight the challenges and opportunities experienced by young Africans in their quest to tell their stories. In addition, the panel will provide insights on how the media, the creative industry and technology are transforming the African narrative and providing the world with alternative stories. But more importantly we’ll look at how stakeholders are collaborating to share that narrative across the continent.

Panelists will also explore areas where improvement is needed and how African governments can assist young creatives. Attendees will leave the session with:
[1] A more positive mindset about the possibility of a brighter future for all Africans in our collective quest to tell our stories.
[2] Practical examples and methodologies on ways to challenge existing narratives and ultimately set their own.