Africa’s Most Startup-Friendly Countries

1. Mauritius

Doing Business world rank: 25

Days to start a business: 6

Days to get electricity: 81

Days to register property: 17

*It takes men 5 days to start a business in Mauritius. Married women are required to submit a marriage certificate, extending the process to 6 days for them.

2. Rwanda

Doing Business world rank: 41

Days to start a business: 5

Days to get electricity: 34

Days to register property: 7

3. Morocco

Doing Business world rank: 69

Days to start a business: 9

Days to get electricity: 49

Days to register property: 22

4. Kenya

Doing Business world rank: 80

Days to start a business: 25

Days to get electricity: 97

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Days to register property: 61

5. Botswana

Doing Business world rank: 81

Days to start a business: 48

Days to get electricity: 77

Days to register property: 27

6. South Africa

Doing Business world rank: 82

Days to start a business: 45

Days to get electricity: 109

Days to register property: 23

7. Zambia

Doing Business world rank: 85

Days to start a business: 8.5

Days to get electricity: 117

Days to register property: 45

8. Tunisia

Doing Business world rank: 88

Days to start a business: 11

Days to get electricity: 65

Days to register property: 39

9. Namibia

Doing Business world rank: 106

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Days to start a business: 66

Days to get electricity: 37

Days to register property: 52

10. Malawi

Doing Business world rank: 110

Days to start a business: 37

Days to get electricity: 127

Days to register property: 69

Source: Doing Business 2018, World Bank Group

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