Agew Equestrian Festival Holds in Amhara Region

Agew Equestrian Festival Holds in Amhara Region (News Central TV)

Federal and regional officials including the regional chief administrator Yilikal Kefale have arrived Injibara town, in Ethiopia’s Amhara region where the 82nd Agew Equestrian Festival is taking place.

The festival which marks the 82nd anniversary of the Agew Equestrian Association and participation of the members in the struggle against Italian fascist invaders is being celebrated with various cultural activities including chanting, horse racing, dancing performances, among others.

The occasion activities are well underway to get the festival inscribed by UNESCO.

In the 1930s the people of Agew Awi (Sebat Bet Agew) joined patriots who waged guerrilla warfare against Fascist Italian invaders with other Ethiopians. Agew patriots utilised a rich tradition of horse riding skills to fight and transport logistics for war by then.
Agew Awi Zone is one of the autonomous zones in Amhara state found to the South and South West of the State capital, Bahir Dar. The name Sebat Bet Agew (seven family of Agew) was coined from the name of seven brothers; Ankesha, Banja, Kuakura, Dangila , Metekel, Zigem and Azena.

After the total vanquishing and departure of Italy from Ethiopia, Sebat Bet Agew Equestrian Association (Yesebat Bet Agew /Seven Houses of Agew/Horsemen Association) was established to commemorate the role of horses and St. George in clearing the invading army from the land, Melese Adal, Head of Agew Awi Zone Tourism and Culture Bureau said.

The name of the association is also named Sebat Bet Agew St. George Equestrians Association to remember the role of St. George’s knighthood during the war. During the day, horsemen or riders perform sportive competitions.

The Agew Equestrian Association which was established by not more than 30 fellow local men in 1939 currently has 59,000 members.


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