Angola Approves National Child Labour Eradication Plan

The Cabinet Council of Angola on Wednesday approved the National Action Plan for the Eradication of Child Labour (PANETI 2021-2025) in Luanda.

According to a press release, the plan contains effective, immediate, and integrated measures, with a view to guiding the work of the different agents in the practical application of the rights of the child, in order to eradicate child labour.

Subsequently, the Cabinet Council considered the proposal for the creation of the Multi-sector Commission for the Prevention and Eradication of Child Labour, whose objective is to implement, execute and monitor strategies to combat child labour.

The Cabinet Council considered, for submission to the National Assembly, the Draft-Law approving the Code of Administrative Procedure, aiming to bring services closer to the population.

The bill establishes the principles and rules to be observed in the exercise of administrative activity, aiming to guarantee administrative decentralization, efficiency and effectiveness.

The session, chaired by the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, also considered the Bill of Law that approves the Code of Procedure for Administrative Litigation, which will define the new procedural means for the realization of rights, guaranteed by mechanisms for the execution of judicial decisions.

The Code also aims to ensure, in the form of a contentious challenge to acts of the Public Administration, the expansion of the means of judicial guarantee of legally protected rights and interests


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