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Attempted Shooting of Pennsylvania Pastor Thwarted During Service

Attempted Shooting of Pennsylvania Pastor Thwarted During Service

A Pennsylvania Pastor, identified as Reverend Glenn Germany of Jesus’ Dwelling Place Church in North Braddock, a suburb of Pittsburgh, narrowly escaped harm during a shooting incident during a Sunday sermon. 

Bernard Polite, aged 26, attempted to shoot the pastor, but fortunately, the gun malfunctioned, allowing the congregation enough time to subdue him.

In video footage of the incident, Pastor Glenn is seen raising his hand in defence as Polite aims a gun at him before quickly taking cover behind his lectern.

Reports indicate that another man, 56-year-old Derek Polite, was tragically found shot dead in his North Braddock residence. The police have yet to establish the relationship between Derek and Bernard. 

Detectives from the Allegheny County Police Department’s homicide unit have initiated an investigation, though no charges have been brought against Bernard thus far.

In remarks to the press regarding the shooting, Reverend Germany attributed his survival to divine intervention, stating that he believed God spared him from the attack.

“I’m so grateful. “You know, he shot. You can hear the gun click.”

He said the shooter smiled at him and he assumed he wanted to speak with another member of the church.

“But instead he came right here where I’m standing… and that’s where he just pulled out the gun out.”

“I’m looking right down the barrel of the gun.”  

When the firearm malfunctioned, a church member, identified as Deacon Clarence McCallister, intervened and subdued the assailant. During the commotion, Reverend Germany swiftly disarmed the shooter.

It was discovered that the perpetrator was grappling with mental illness. He confessed that voices in his head had told him to target the pastor.

Bernard Polite is currently in police custody and is being charged with multiple offences, including attempted homicide.

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