Author: Abdulateef Ahmed

Digital News Editor | Research Lead Abdulateef is a self-driven Researcher renowned for his exceptional editorial skills. He is a literary bon vivant with a keen interest in greener energy, macroeconomics, big data, efficient systems, Africa's political economy, aviation, and pan-African dialogues. His innovative thinking extends even into his dreams, where he crafts solutions,in his sleep, to nonexistent problems.

From the end of this February 2020, all domestic routes excluding Cape Town and Johannesburg will be cancelled indefinitely. The airways will operate only five routes internationally. This decision has been met with fury by labour unions, who say their input was not sought ahead of the decision.

while women are most prone to Breast cancer, Colorectal cancer and Cancer of the Lungs in this order, men are most likely to come down with Prostate cancer, followed by cancer of the lungs, then Colorectal.