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Botswana Denies Issuing Arrest Warrant Against Former President Khama

Botswana's Foreign Minister, Lamagang Kwape (News Central TV)

Botswana’s Foreign Minister, Lamagang Kwape, has denied reports of an arrest warrant for former President Ian Khama, who currently lives in exile in South Africa.

When questioned about the issue, he stated that the Ministry of Justice would need to be engaged to confirm the status of any arrest warrant, if there is one.

Last December, reports emerged that a Botswanan court had issued an arrest warrant against Khama, alleging possession of illegal firearms.

Ian Khama

However, the former president denies these charges and claims they are part of a political conspiracy due to his falling out with his successor, President Mokgweetsi Masisi.

Speaking on the sidelines of a Commonwealth foreign affairs ministers meeting in London, Minister Kwape also mentioned that Botswana was renegotiating contracts and licenses in the diamond industry.

He emphasised the need for Botswana to become more involved in the value chain and benefit from the diamonds, particularly in the manufacturing sector. Minister Kwape believes that the country’s skilled workforce can be utilised to get more from the raw material.

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