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Chad’s Newest Leader, Succès Masra Gives Up His Salary

Chad's Newest Leader, Succès Masra Gives Up His Salary

Chad’s recently appointed interim prime minister, Succès Masra declares a noteworthy decision: relinquishing his salary to support fellow citizens, framing it as “a modest contribution of what could have been mine.”

“I am giving up my salary as prime minister, which I will devote entirely to a social scholarship for the 23 provinces,” Succès Masra conveyed to state TV on Sunday.

Expressing a sense of duty and privilege in serving the republic, he remarked, “I feel I have a mission and a privilege to serve the republic.”

Shortly after, Bedei Toullomi, a transitional legislator, echoed the sentiment, committing to surrendering 50% of his salary and directing the remainder to orphanages.

The exact earnings of high-ranking government officials in Chad remain undisclosed, guarded as confidential information.

Before assuming office this month, Mr. Masra stood as a formidable opposition figure, challenging the leadership of military head Mahamat Déby.

His return to Chad in November 2023, following a year of exile, resulted from a reconciliation pact with transitional authorities.

In a notable shift of allegiance, Mr. Masra supported a contentious draft constitution during the December referendum, drawing criticism from some opposition members.

The Supreme Court’s approval of the new constitution sets the stage for upcoming elections later this year, marking a potential end to the military transition.

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