ChatGPT Creator to Propose Remedy for Italian Ban

ChatGPT Creator to Propose Remedy for Italian Ban (News Central TV)

According to Italy’s data protection authority, Garante, ChatGPT manufacturer OpenAI aims to offer solutions to address concerns that led to an Italian ban on the chatbot last week.

Microsoft Corporation-backed OpenAI took ChatGPT offline in Italy after Garante briefly banned it last week and launched an investigation into a possible violation of privacy rules.

ChatGPT Creator to Propose Remedy for Italian Ban (News Central TV)

The agency accused OpenAI last week of failing to verify the age of ChatGPT users and of having no legal basis that justifies the massive collection and storage of personal data.

On Thursday, it stated that it had no intention of halting AI development, but emphasised the need of adhering to legislation aimed at protecting the personal data of Italian and European citizens.

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OpenAI committed to be more upfront about how it manages user data and confirms the user’s age in a video conference late Wednesday, attended by CEO Sam Altman, Garante said.

The business now says it will submit Garante a document outlining the steps it would take in response to its requirements. The data authority stated that it will review OpenAI’s suggestions.

The business in a blog post titled “Our approach to AI safety” said that it was working to build “nuanced policies against behaviour that represents a genuine risk to people.

According to the corporation, it has removed personal information from its datasets when possible, fine-tuned models to refuse user prompts requesting such information, and will respond to individual requests to delete their data from its systems.

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The Italian ban has aroused the interest of regulators across the world, who are investigating if stricter measures are required for chatbots and whether such steps should be coordinated.

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