China Congratulates South Africa on 28th Anniversary of Freedom Day

China Congratulates South Africa on 28th Anniversary of Freedom Day (News Central TV)

The Chinese government has sent congratulations to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s office on the 28th anniversary of freedom day on April 27, 1994.

The Chinese Embassy in South Africa said in a statement: “On April 25, 2022, President Xi Jinping sent a message of congratulations to the President of South Africa, President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa, to the Government and the people of South Africa. The country’s Freedom Day. “

In a message from Beijing to President Ramaphosa, President Xi wrote: “In a recent conversation between us, we reached a consensus on issues, including the relationship between China and South Africa and regional issues. I place great emphasis on the development of China-South Africa relations and am ready to work with your dignity to strengthen communication and coordination between them, deepen practical cooperation, firmly support each other in matters of core interests and each other’s main concerns. , and safeguard the common interests of developing countries. “

Since the commencement of Ramaphosa’s presidency, relations between Pretoria and Beijing have improved.

Chen Xiaodong, China’s ambassador to the South, recently donated a $1 million check to aid with the rehabilitation of KwaZulu-Natal following the recent floods. More than 450 people died, while homes and road infrastructure were severely damaged, costing billions of dollars.

Speaking at a recent donation ceremony for Social Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu in Pretoria, Ambassador Chen said: “We will also make more resources and supplies accessible to the suffering area through various means, including by mobilizing Chinese companies and communities. in South Africa. “

He added: “When we face the floods that have not been seen for decades, the Chinese side is ready to help you within our means.”

Strong bilateral ties are also visible within the BRICS framework (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

Their collaboration in that area has expanded to include other aspects of multinationalism. In a recent UN Security Council and UN General Assembly poll on the war between Russia and Ukraine, South Africa, China, and India all voted in the same way, either abstaining or refusing to support a resolution denouncing Russia’s involvement in the conflict.

All of the BRICS countries have consistently urged for a positive outcome to the war, which should include talks about NATO enlargement to Russia’s borders, a concern that Moscow has raised at many times but that the West has flatly refused.

In a telephone conversation between President Xi and President Ramaphosa a few weeks ago, the two leaders exchanged views on the situation in Ukraine. In a joint statement, they said: “Both parties agree that China and South Africa have very similar views on the Ukraine issue and that sovereign states have the right to decide independently on their own position. Both sides support Russia and Ukraine to speed up peace talks and resolve disputes through talks and negotiations. The two leaders undertook to strengthen communication and coordination in this area.

President Xi further emphasized, as this year’s BRICS chairperson: “China is ready to work with South Africa to sustain the development of the BRICS partnership system, to build a high-quality, more comprehensive, closer, more realistic and more inclusive partnership. , are aware of the development of member countries and contribute to stronger, greener and more solid international development. China is ready to work with all parties to uphold true multinationalism, uphold international fairness and justice, and safeguard the legitimate rights and common interests of emerging economies and developing countries, in order to play an active role in the continuous recovery of the world economy. and contribute to the building of a society with a common future for humanity. “


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