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Chris Rock’s ‘Selective Outrage’ Comedy Special Set to Premiere on Netflix

Chris Rock’s 'Selective Outrage' Comedy Special Set to Premiere on Netflix (News Central TV)

Chris Rock’s has announced his upcoming Netflix comedy special will air nearly a year after he was assaulted by Will Smith at the Oscars.

The American comic and actor will be hosting a Netflix Live Global Comedy event titled “Selective Outrage” on March 4, 10pm ET/7PM PT. This will be the first live global event by Netflix with the special due to be shot in Baltimore, Maryland.

Chris Rock , 57, has been quiet about his feeling or response after he was slapped by Will Smith, 54, at the 94th Academy Awards, Oscars on March 28, when he made a joke about the 51-year-old actor’s wife Jada’s haircut.

He promised there would be “no pre-records, no edits” and Netflix says the show will be seen in “190 countries all at once”.

Recall, during his comedy tour in 2022, Chris Rock joked in April that he wouldn’t talk about it “until I get paid”.

Robbie Praw, Netflix’s vice president of stand-up and comedy formats, said about the live special: “Chris Rock is one of the most iconic and important comedic voices of our generation.

“We’re thrilled the entire world will be able to experience a live Chris Rock comedy event and be a part of Netflix history.”

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