Commotion as Security Eliminate Four Gunmen on Higginson Highway

Commotion as Security Eliminate Four Gunmen on Higginson Highway (News Central TV)

The South African Police Service (SAPS) have issued a statement on the deadly shootout that took place on Higginson Highway in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal on Wednesday morning, March 2.

The four armed robbers were killed during a shootout with members of a private security team following a high speed chase on the N2 in Durban on Wednesday.

The four people died after being fatally wounded in the shootout and a fifth suspect was taken to a hospital for medical treatment – he is being kept under police guard. A sixth suspect managed to escape and remains at large.

Kwazulu Natal SAPS spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Nqobile Gwala said the incident unfolded after security officials spotted a vehicle that was suspected of being involved in a number of robberies in Durban.

According to the police, the suspects’ vehicle crashed into a truck on Higginson Highway and the shootout ensued. Three pistols were recovered from the suspects at the scene.

Gwala said the preliminary investigation at the scene revealed that the suspects’ vehicle was used in a number of robberies in Durban and Richards Bay.

Police quickly deployed its tactical units to the scene of the incident. Forensic teams were also seen getting ready to collect evidence.

The Higginson Highway was closed off on both lanes resulting in a backlog of traffic on the west bound lane as motorists had to either reverse or take the N2 north on ramp to avoid the commotion.

Several bystanders were also eagerly trying to catch a glimpse of the crime scene but police quickly demarcated the area, fending off anyone but police.

A video circulating social media shows traffic on the east and west bound lanes slowing down to catch a glimpse of the bodies that were lying next to a white Mercedes sedan involved in the incident.

The bonnet and front end of the car appeared to be smashed in. The car appeared to be new and did not have a licence plate.


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