Concerns Over Devastating Drought, Food Shortages in Ethiopia

Ethiopia's Abiy Praises Peace Deal, Promises Talk With Other Groups (News Central TV)

Ethiopia is facing severe concerns over life-threatening drought and food shortages, as water sources have dried up, crops and livestock have been devastated, and people’s ability to sustain themselves has been undermined.

Additionally, food prices have soared, in part due to the conflict in Ukraine, rendering even necessities unaffordable for most refugees and local communities.

As a result, malnutrition rates are on the rise, particularly among women and children, who often suffer the most from food scarcity.

“They have not been eating because we don’t have enough food,” said Samira Abdi, 28, who came to the Melkadida refugee camp, Ethiopia’s eastern Somali region, a month earlier with five children battling malnutrition.

“I noticed they were losing weight, so I came here to get some help.”

She noticed that they were losing weight and sought help at the camp. As the crisis continues to deepen, an estimated $46 million is required to provide for the needs of drought-affected refugees and internally displaced individuals in Ethiopia alone.


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