COVID-19 Cases Cross 2.5m Mark In Africa

Case incidences of COVID-19 have crossed the 2.5 million mark, Africa Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has reported.

In its update, the continental CDC said there are now 2,508,815 cases of Coronavirus in Africa, with 59,099 deaths recorded. There have also been more than 2 million recoveries as 2,108,302 recoveries have been announced.

In its breakdown of how the disease has raged on amongst the African Union member states, it said 70,631 cases, 1,248 deaths and 64,636 recoveries have been reported in Central Africa. Cameroon has the highest number of cases and deaths in the region at 25,724 cases and 445 deaths. The country has recorded 23,851 recoveries.

In East Africa, there is a total of 309,707 cases, 5,765 deaths and 239,950 recoveries. Ethiopia has the highest number of cases at 119,951, with 1,853 deaths recorded. 102,980 patients have recovered in the country.

Egypt is the hardest-hit Northern African country at 125,555 cases, 7,098 deaths and 106,817 recoveries.

South Africa, which recently discovered a new and more deadly strain of the virus is the worst-hit in Africa with more than 900,000 cases. 24,691 people have died as a result of the virus in the country and more than 700,000 have recovered.

Nigeria has the highest number of cases in the West of the continent with 78,434 cases recorded so far. 1,221 deaths have been recorded and, 68,303 people have recovered from the virus.

Southern Africa is the worst hit region now, with more than one million cases in total.


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