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ECOWAS Court Embarks on Sensitisation Programme in Guinea-Bissau

ECOWAS Court Embarks on Sensitisation Programme in Guinea-Bissau

In a concerted effort to enhance legal consciousness, the Economic Community of West African States  (ECOWAS) Court of Justice is launching a sensitisation programme in Guinea-Bissau, spanning from February 18 to 24, 2024, as an integral component of its annual outreach initiatives across ECOWAS Member States.

As outlined in an official press release by the Community Parliament, the objective of this sensitisation campaign is to foster comprehension regarding the Court’s functions, jurisdiction, and the breadth of its judicial and non-judicial activities.

This endeavour serves as a platform for augmenting the Court’s visibility among the citizens of the community, who stand as pivotal stakeholders in its operations, aligning closely with the overarching vision of ECOWAS for 2050: “ECOWAS of Peoples: Peace and Prosperity for All.”

Preceding the week-long programme are scheduled courtesy visits to esteemed government officials in Guinea Bissau, setting the stage for substantive engagements comprising presentations, interactive sessions, and televised and radio broadcasts.

These engagements encompass a diverse array of activities, including a judicial colloquium, a forum for legal practitioners and law students, and appearances on various media platforms.

Culminating the sensitisation efforts is a press briefing slated for Friday, February 23, 2024.

Anticipated participants across the sessions include government dignitaries, as well as the President and Judges of the Supreme Court, ECOWAS representatives in Guinea-Bissau, and delegates from diverse governmental and civil society entities.

The delegation from the ECOWAS Court of Justice, led by its President, Justice Edward Amoako Asante, alongside Vice President Justice Gberi-Bè Ouattara, and other esteemed justices, including Justices Dupe Atoki, Sengu Mohamed Koroma, and Ricardo Claúdio Monteiro Gonçalves, will present on a spectrum of topics, encompassing the Court’s mandate and jurisdiction, procedural aspects of case filing, women’s rights, and the enforcement of court judgements.

Accompanying the justices on this mission are key personnel from the Court’s Registry, Research and Documentation Departments, as well as representatives from the Communications and Protocol units, underscoring the Court’s comprehensive commitment to this pivotal initiative.

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