Egypt Ranks First Place as Most Powerful Arab & African Army of 2023

Egypt Ranks First Place as Most Powerful Arab & African Army of 2023 (News Central TV)

A list of the world’s most potent Arab armies for 2023 was released by the military-focused website Global Fire Power.

The lead was still held by the United States, followed by Russia and China. In the final list, which comprised 145 nations at total, several Arab nations appeared in advanced positions. Algeria and Saudi Arabia were next on the list of Arab nations, then Egypt.

According to the survey, Egypt is one of the top 15 military powers in the world, and Saudi Arabia, while maintaining its 22nd-place ranking globally, was ranked second among Arab armies after Egypt.

The UAE army came in fifth in the Arab world and 56th overall. Algeria came in third in the Arab world and 26th overall. The Iraqi army came in fourth in the Arab world and 45th overall. The Moroccan army was ranked 61st internationally and sixth in the Arab world..

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The most powerful African armies:

Egypt (14th globally)

Algeria (26th globally)

South Africa (33rd globally)

Nigeria (36th globally)

Ethiopia (49th globally)

Angola (55th globally)

Morocco (61st globally)

Congo (72nd globally)

Tunisia (73rd globally)

Sudan (75th globally)

Ranking of the most powerful armies in the world:

The United States




United Kingdom

South Korea





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