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Ethiopia Rebel Group OLA Destroys Vehicles in Oromia

Oromia (News Central TV)

The Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) in Ethiopia has burnt several vehicles in Oromia for ignoring its call for a transport strike in the region.

According to a local media report, the Ethiopian rebel group Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) has burnt vehicles that ignored its call for a transport strike in the populous Oromia region, local media report.

According to reports, since the strike was announced on Monday, many establishments, including banks and government buildings, have closed.

The privately owned Wazema Radio news website said that several trucks were destroyed in different areas of Oromia during the strike, which also recorded some civilian injuries.

“Unknown number of people were also reportedly injured in a grenade attack in Nekemt town, East Wollega Zone,” it added.

The OLA claims that it fights for the Oromo people’s—the biggest ethnic group in Ethiopia—right to self-determination.

The Ethiopian federal parliament declared it a terrorist organisation in May 2021.

The national army is still engaged in combat with the insurgent organisation OLA.

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