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Rapper Fena Gitu Launches 2nd Album ‘Unleashed’

Rapper Fena Gitu Launches 2nd Album ‘Unleashed’

Kenyan rapper Fena Gitu at the weekend thrilled her fans with a sizzling live performance during the launch of her 15-track sophomore Album titled ‘Unleashed’.

The rapper also hosted a number of top Kenyan artistes at this event. The likes of Le Band, Chris Kaiga, Mayonde, Elani and the Dynamiques band are among the top artistes who treated the fans to electrifying performances.

Speaking at the event, Fena said her new album represents a new age, introducing a transformation of her style and sound. Fena undoubtedly stole the show after introducing her mother and sister on stage, a surprise that sparked a wild reaction from the crowd.

Fena who is celebrated in her home country, first had her breakthrough hit ‘Fenamenal Woman’ in 2009.

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